Tuorui "v1ncent19" Peng
A Physics & Statistics Student

Other Activities


I was awarded five-star Zijing volunteer @ Tsinghua Univ in 2023.

Volunteer @ THU Summer School & Winter Camp (Guangdong)

Summer School and Winter Camp are annual events for high school sophomores. They aim at providing students with opportunities to get introduced to interested disciplines and university life. I volunteer in summer school (Guangdong 2022) and winter camp (Guangdong 2023) in which I participated in the preparation and organization work and acted as assistant instructor of students. I had a good time with students and my colleagues there.

(sharing my experience / our summer school class / with some of my colleagues)

In year 2020-2022 I participated in the admission work at undergraduate recruitment and admission team in Shenzhen, Guangdong. I was respondible for providing subject related or admission policy related advice to students, and help deal with application and admission affairs.

I also took part in voluntary work in organization and order maintainence of examinations and interviews.


Other voluntary work includes

  • Blood donation (400ml * 1 + 200ml * 2 up to now). I think blood donation is of great significance, especially considering the situation of the blood resources in China.
  • Volunteer @ Campus Hospital of Tsinghua University. Help guiding patients and offering other assistance.
  • Volunteer for nucleic acid test / vaccination.
  • Volunteer @ Science popularization classroom in China Science and Technology Museum.


My favourite sports include Badminton and Shooting sports. I participated in the Air Rifle and Air Gun games of Ma Yuehan Cup at Tsinghua University in 2021. And I won the 4th place in air rifle & 5th place in air gun.


LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) is also my love. My MOC design interest is mechanical structures and components. I usually design on Bricklink Studio 2.0 and here are some of my works:

  • A blade control mechanical construction of the helicopter main rotor, in which a lever system with swaplate intergratedly controls the pitch of all the rotor blades so that the attitude and movement of helicopter can be controlled. My design referenced part of the structure of Kamov KA-32 Coaxial Helicopter MOC by Sheepo. I realized cyclic blade control (周期变距控制), collective blade control (总距控制), and part of the flapping hinge (挥舞铰) structure with nice structural strength. Here’s the rendering graph of the MOC: At first I aimed at a coaxial contra-rotating rotor (同轴反桨) sturcture but found that it was hard to balance structural strength and function realization. I hope the new brick in LEGO 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter can help solve the problem. If you have any good idea, you are more than welcome to discuss with me.

  • A star engine with two-times-eight-cylinder. Actually star engine should have odds number of cylinder but that’s really out of reach of LEGO lol.